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Tree Doctor 911 Tree Trivia Study Guide

This is a study guide to help you better understand how to care for your trees, and in particular, the exceptional care Tree Doctor 911 provides to ensure proper treatment, revitalization, rejuvenation and maintenance of countless ailing trees worldwide.

Please study this material carefully, as it will help you to pass the quiz to win free prizes! More importantly, it will help you to become a greater self-involved steward regarding the care and health of your trees.

Part One:

The relationship between tree and man is an important one. We rely on trees to clean the air that we breath, clean polluted water in our environment and we also rely on their oxygen output to help us stay healthy and alert. Trees rely on our carbon dioxide output, which is a byproduct of used and polluted air that we are constantly expelling out of our lungs. Trees also provide shade from the sun, which keeps us and our homes cooler in hot weather. We share a symbiotic relationship with trees--they depend on us for survival, and we depend on them for survival--we balance and sustain the lives of one other. Without trees, human life on this planet could completely cease to exist.

   Did you know that a single healthy mature tree can absorb as much as (or even more than) ~50 pounds of CO2 (carbon dioxide) every year?! This provides enough clean air and water for 250 people! The trees in your yard and neighborhood are largely responsible for cleaning massive amounts of dirty CO2 out of Earth's atmosphere. CO2 in excessive amounts can be very harmful to our health and our environment.

Part Two:

The root systems of trees are very extensive and can sometimes cover entire square miles of land. There is an Aspen grove located in central Utah that shares the largest root system out of any living species on Earth! Roots are a vital part of any tree, and trees would quickly die without them. The main function of a tree's root system is to intake water and sustaining minerals. The leaves or needles of the tree are what pull in 100% of a tree's food source, via a process called photosynthesis (photosynthesis is the process of the leaves/needles pulling in sunlight to use as food. Chlorophyl is the sugar complex that is converted from sun to be used as food for the tree). This is a tree's only supply of food, and the only way a tree can produce or absorb it.

   Trees need to be watered at least once per week to prevent semi-drought or absolute drought occurring within the tree. It is best to water at the the outer edge of a tree's canopy, which is called the tree's 'drip line'. This is where most of the tree's surface feeder roots are, which pulls in most of a tree's water supply.

Part Three:

We as humans rely on our body's circulatory system to provide vital blood flow to all essential areas. Without it, we would not be able to survive. The same applies for a tree; they also have very complex capillary systems which they need in order to stay alive and healthy. In a tree, this vascular layer sits behind the tree bark. This could be thought of as the 'veins' of the tree.

   This circulatory system of the tree is called the cambium. Tree Doctor 911 injects this cambium layer directly, which is very similar to a sick patient receiving an IV drip in a hospital. Without this vital part of the tree, it would not be able to circulate the water, food and minerals it needs to survive and thrive.

Part Four:

There are a wide variety of parasites and pathogens that attack thousands of trees worldwide every year. Virtually every company in the tree care industry will tell you that many sickly, dying trees are unsavable and would need to be cut down. At Tree Doctor 911, this is where we excel; we have proven time and time again that we save sick tree that NO ONE ELSE CAN.

   We utilize a form of treatment, tree therapy and tree rehabilitation that is unmatched; and can even eradicate the deadly bark beetle, which is the most life-threatening tree pest and kills countless trees on a continual basis (often times, the complete death of a tree suffering these attacks can occur in as little as a single week or two). THE USDA states that 90% of all trees that are killed by parasites are from bark beetle attacks! There are many other fatal diseases/parasites that also kill trees; but the good news is, you are in good hands with Tree Doctor 911. We save most trees we treat, and are the only company in the Southwest to offer a 5 month 100% MONEY BACK LIFE GUARANTEE on most trees we treat (or on a maintenance agreement, we will extend the coverage on your warranted tree(s) for as long as they live).

Part Five:

There are multitudes of over the counter medicines available which claim to be able to provide control of a wide variety of pests and diseases, but most of them simply do not work. They are a temporary band-aid to an ongoing problem that requires a solution to make the tree healthy and SUSTAINABLE. Some companies spray trees to treat for disease or parasites, but there are several major underlying problems with this treatment method. Spraying a tree only treats for external parasites, but the most fatal attacks often occur within the tree: spraying your trees will not eradicate internal parasites.

   Spraying has a very short efficacy; typically expiring in 8-14 days (sometimes even a single rain can wash the treatment away completely). It also is highly toxic to the surrounding environment--it kills 100% of bees that come into contact with these sprays--this kills entire hives that are responsible for pollinating our food crops, which humans and animals rely on to survive. If bees pollinate a crop, it can produce ~300-500% MORE food than it normally would, or produce ~300-500% LESS food than it should if not pollinated at all (some crops won't produce any food unless pollinated by bees). We rely on bees as nature's pollinators; they are necessary for sustainable life on our planet. Even a diversity of beneficial insects and wildlife such as ladybugs, praying mantises, birds,  etc. are killed by the harmful sprays.

   These harmful chemicals are also absorbed by people and animals; this can cause a variety of ill effects in our bodies. This is where Tree Doctor 911 can offer an environmentally friendly alternative: We can and do commonly treat trees within several feet of active bee hives, and there is no evidence of any damage to the bees; our pollinators who are our best friends. We are bee friendly, and our micro-injection method allows our medicines to stay completely self-contained within the tree, which prevents external environmental contamination.

Part Six:

By utilizing a highly advanced form of tree treatment called micro-injection, Tree Doctor 911 is able to fully eradicate 100% of both internal and external parasites/pathogens (often times with a single treatment). By applying and administering our medicines to the cambium layer of a tree, we are successfully able to systemically treat the entire tree system with this exceptional life-saving remedy.

   We are educationally based, and utilize our personally employed PhDs, biologists, etc. and rely on our proven methods. We have been in business since 1938 and our exceptional 5 month warranty shows our level of confidence, and that we know exactly what we are talking about. We are not simply certified arborists; we are also tree engineers who specialize in replenishing, revitalizing and rejuvenating suffering trees, and with proper care and maintenance, bring them back to complete health and vigor to become more healthy and beautiful than they've ever been in your yard.

Part Seven:

Some tree care companies also commonly apply nitrogen in the Spring to plants and trees. These applications only hide internal pests and diseases because nitrogen will help green the foliar system of a tree, and will make it look & perform beautifully for a short period of time (like a racehorse given steroids to make it run faster), but the diseases/parasites still remain, and the tree will continue to get worse. Nitrogen is the miracle drug that makes everything green; it does not treat for insects or disease. There is almost always at least one factor that is causing visual (and hidden) decline in your ailing trees, and we are the only company in the southwest who work with PhDs, biologists and have many other exceptionally skilled tree healers and staff on hand, and we can provide you with a complete diagnostic consultation of every single tree on your property (and full professional lab analysis available when necessary) to ensure you are getting the best diagnosis, prognosis and treatment possible for your trees.

Part Eight:

Although there are several techniques available to treat trees, micro-injection is one of the only procedures to ensure a proper and long-term eradication of numerous lethal diseases/pests that commonly kill our beloved trees. Spraying does very little to kill internal parasites/pathogens, is not effective as a long term treatment, and is very destructive to the environment. Soil drench applications at the base of a tree are also a virtually completely ineffective type of medication; the roots have an extremely difficult time absorbing enough chemical to be effective (especially when the tree is dry or is already in a state of stress). This method also kills much of beneficial bacteria and fungi that are present in the soil that the tree relies on to thrive.

   Micro-injection is the best method for saving infested/diseased trees, and can also be used as a great preventive treatment to maintain the health of your trees! There are also many other advantages to micro-injecting a tree, and these reasons alone should be enough to encourage a person to want to utilize the benefits of micro-injection versus harmful & inferior spraying. As tree stewards, this is by far your best approach to keep your trees healthy and vibrant for many generations to come. BUYER BEWARE! There are a number of companies who see there is money to be made, so they are starting to administer micro-injections, but they are not trained in this, and many of them do not even know what they are injecting into your trees--and more importantly--YOU don't know what they are putting in your trees. Watch out for other 'tree doctor' company names; Tree Doctor 911 is the only truly established tree care company (since 1938) to have the long time background knowledge and expertise to ensure you are getting the best care possible.

Part Nine:

Our records show after working in 14 different countries and revitalizing several thousands of trees (many of those, historic trees) around the planet that our formulations and treatments work much better than any other form of available treatment (or any over the counter product) to save trees from parasitic infestations, fungal attacks, viral attacks, (etc.). We also work in costa Rica with our own research lab to produce a set of specialized eco-friendly products to further benefit the health of your trees.

   Trees are a major part of our livelihood, and we need to care of them. TREES ARE OUR FUTURE! At Tree Doctor 911, we are pioneers of micro-injection technology who have been established since 1938, and we are the best at saving and revitalizing sick, dying trees. Our results say it all!     Call today

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This concludes the material covered for the quiz.
Thank you for participating; we appreciate You !


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