Did you know, Healthy trees can help to slow and sometimes even stop a raging forest fire!

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A healthy tree that has been cared for by killing the parasites that kill parts of the tree should be totally alive with no dead in it, is not an ideal fuel for any fire to burn.   

But is actually a fire retardant. Healthy trees will help to stop a forward moving fire. The wood from the healthy tree is full of water so much so that a piece of firewood cut from a live tree will sometimes weigh   three times as much as that same piece of wood once it is dried. The healthy tree is literally filled with and holds water like a sponge.  It will not readily burn  but will put out great amounts of smoke, (unburned particles,) when put into  an environment where fire has made the surrounding temperature sometimes hundreds of degrees hotter. Before the wood can burn first the heat of the existing fires must dry the wood out.  The wet wood will omit great amounts of smoke which works to take the oxygen out of the healthy fire, oxygen is necessary for a fire to burn and the smoke works to destroy oxygen that is an accelerant, and that the fire depends on for energy to reach maximum efficiency and move rapidly. Oxygen to a fire is almost as powerful as vaporized petroleum to a fire. 



A piece of green healthy wood about firewood size (18inches,) will have about 8 to 10 pounds of water in it. (Water weighs approximately 8 pounds per gallon.)  If you have a  large campfire that was burning brightly and dumped one gallon of water on it, what would be the effect on the fire?  It would greatly diminish or maybe even extinguish the before blazing fire. The wet wood in a healthy tree works the same way, as a barrier to  slow the fire, not accelerate it.

If you build a campfire as large as a volkswagon with dry wood then to feed the fire you put twenty 18 inch pieces of green firewood on it. What will happen? The green wood will not be fuel for the fire but will help extinguish it. Smoke will be the first by product of the green wet wood added. The green wood will immediately shoot the humidity sky high in the fire dropping the temperature of the fire, and producing thick smoke which will remove much of the oxygen from the fire, which the fire needs to really burn hot.


The trees on the planet in the preceding mellimums  would have been burnt out completely without natural barriers for fires. Of course geography creates barriers but also walls of healthy trees can and have completely stopped fires as well. The fires raging are burning forests that are partially dead, 




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