Established 1938

By Steve Thomas

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In 1938, my father started a business in Clovis, New Mexico, called Clovis Nursery. I remember years later as a child being with him when he drilled a hole in the bark of a peach tree, putting in quinine, a by-product of the Cinchona tree found in the rain forest, which is also used to fight malaria and to kill peach tree bores. I never knew how far ahead of his time he was in what would later be called the Micro-Injection Industry. We have carried that legacy through with Tree Doctor 911, never spraying any harmful pesticides into the atmosphere of our urban environments. We only inject trees, basically putting the tree on an IV drip by giving shots to treat the pathogens in the tree. Using 31 different chemicals, we are able to treat most pathogens with the micro-injection process. Today, we are able to save over 98% of the half-dead or dying trees that we inject. This has helped give us our worldwide reputation.

A part of what you spend with Tree Doctor 911 is reinvested in saving the irreplaceable living legacies of our planet, our old-growth trees. We are also teaching others how to replant new trees in biological corridors worldwide. In the last 4 years, I have worked in our off-season around the world in my non-profit company called "Air Planet". I have consulted and worked in several islands in the West Indies, the lower 830 miles of the Amazon Basin in Brazil, countries in Central America, the Solomon Islands, and New Zealand. Reinvesting part of what you spend with us atTree Doctor 911 saves the Earth's ONLY AIR PURIFICATION SYSTEM, our trees.

Our reputation has grown and continues to grow worldwide at being "the best at saving sick trees". We stay on the cutting edge of advances made in tree medicine and solutions worldwide. This year, our non-profit company, Air Planet, will be opening it's own research station in the rain forest near Bijajua, Costa Rica. We will be inviting researchers from around the world to come and work at our facility to help us unravel what we believe is one of God's most beautiful mysteries. That is, we believe that every disease on the planet and every environmental problem already has it's prescription to heal that disease growing somewhere in nature. it is up to-as to find that prescription. This ii what our research station will be dedicated to. Also, starting in 2015, we will have a program where you and your children or grandchildren can come and visit us in Costa Rica and learn about the rain forest and being good stewards of this planet God left in our care, and the great wonders of trees worldwide.

Every hundredth cell at the bottom of the tree leaf is a gas-exchange called a stomata. The stomata takes in the polluted air, keeping the carbon and making it into wood, and converting and returning the polluted air to the atmosphere, completely filtered as the most pure oxygen on the planet. While in some highly impacted urban environments, there is more carbon monoxide and pollution than the trees can process, because the trees filtration system is too small to handle the volume. The unfiltered air becomes acid rain, which kills all green living things, including trees. If population numbers outgrow our forests", there is no turning back, and the planet will die a suffocating death. The only answer to save our planet would be a mass genocide, to reverse and re-balance the numbers. It sounds like a scene in a horror movie, but the earth is moving in that direction at an unprecedented rate.

However, the air you breathe is not as dependent as the rain forest of the Amazon basin, but the trees in your own yard and community. The trees in our urban forest clean our air. NEVER NEVER have the attitude of "well, it's just an old scrub tree, who cares?" It is much more than that, it is the beautiful God-created air filter that cleans the air for you and your children to breathe. Work with us, and join us, as we work to protect and keep the air we all breathe. Work locally and think globally to preserve and protect one of our greatest God given gifts, our trees. we will continue to reinvest a part of the profit from Tree Doctor 911 to save trees worldwide.


Thank you for your help.


Steve Thomas

CEO, Tree Doctor 911

* Earth population is growing by 75 million annually; in the next 13 years, the population will grow by nearly 1 billion, while the Earth's old-growth forest will be reduced by over 11 percent.