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Tree Doctor 911 takes pride in its work and welcomes the feedback of our clients to help you make your decisions on who you want to trust with your trees. We humbly ask for your critiques of our service so we might improve and we love to hear when we leave you delighed.

Cary Wallace

I had the honor of doing business with Steve. He is an outstanding and unique individual. Well spoken, honest and caring. If you have the chance to do business with him JUMP ON IT.

Una Campbell

Tree Doctor 911 came and treated about 36 of our trees.  It’s been about two years and our trees are thriving. Instead of spraying chemicals they injected each trunk of each tree with their cocktail of stuff and all the trees are doing great.

Elizabeth McDonald

Have had Steve/Tree Doctor 911 assess/treat two trees, two years ago- a box elder and elm, both of which are doing beautifully.

If I ever want to sell my house, the beauty of the trees Tree Doc has restored will sell my house!

Monica Griffith

Tree Doctor 911 you have done a fantastic job and I would highly recommend you to anybody as well as keeping my trees in the best health and shape that they are in today. Thank you so much for you time and concern for my trees. See you back when ever anything needs to be done

Dustin Gallentine

I have used this company for several year to keep my trees healthy. They are always very professional and prompt in doing what they say needs to be done. Highly recommend them.

Eugene Anderson

If you want to save, and help your trees, this is the perfect people to contact. Tree Doctor 911.

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