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Welcome To Tree Doctor 911

We Specialize in Saving, Revitalizing And Rejuvenating Sick Trees!

Steve Thomas'

Pioneers of Microinjection
Technology Since 1938!
The Oldest Microinjection Company in The Southwest!
Tree Doctor 911 Logo
Tree Doctor 911 Logo
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Saving Historic Tree in Canas, Costa Rica

(Our first battle in South America; rally with over 200 kids and adults to save the oldest growth historic landmark tree in Canas, Costa Rica)

'Who We Are':

Guanacaste Tree Before Treatment

(Before treatment; oldest historic 'Guanacaste' tree in Costa Rica is dying!)

   Tree Doctor 911 was established in Clovis, New Mexico in 1938. What started as an ambitious vision by one man has now flourished into a worldwide tree care service that saves and completely restores the health of thousands upon thousands of sick trees every year.


   "We are pioneers of microinjection technology who specialize in this advanced form of life-saving tree rejuvenation. We never spray any harmful chemicals into the environment, as this kills many beneficial insects and wildlife--including bees--which are nature's pollinators and are essential for our planetary ecosystem. We have the best warranty out of anyone in the tree care industry and are the only tree service in the USA to be so confident of our success level that we offer insurance on the life of most trees we treat. We are eco-friendly tree healers who have a full array of staff on hand including Arborists, PhDs, Biologists, Diagnosticians and many other exceptionally skilled individuals with outstanding credentials to ensure you are getting the best treatment possible for your trees".

                                             --- Steve Thomas, Owner of Tree Doctor 911

Guanacaste Tree After Treatment

(After treatment, this tree recovered over 40% of its foliage within 5 months. Tree Doctor 911 saved this tree!)

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All Videos

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We Care About Saving Your Sick Trees!

Saving The World's Oldest Giants For Our Planet's Future

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Ecological Blue Flag Award
Costa Rica Ecological Blue Flag Award

Costa Rica Award For
Environmental Excellence

Tree Doctor 911 Made History!

In his continued effort and spirit to save and heal sick trees worldwide; Steve Thomas, owner and CEO of Tree Doctor 911 is a proud co-recipient of the official 'Ecological Blue Flag Award' of Costa Rica. This is a very special achievement, as Costa Rica's Blue Flag Ecological Program helps protect both the environmental and social landscapes of Costa Rica, and is a testament to the exceptional service the tree doctor has provided in the country. Even the president attends these award ceremonies. Tree Doctor 911 will always continue to diligently work worldwide to help make our wonderful green world a better place for all.

Tree Doctor 911 Logo
Steve's Tree (Kids Ring Around)
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