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Internal Tree Health Diagnostic

A Uniquely Specialized Form of Internal Tree Inspection.

  • $39.95 Per Tree

Service Description

In some instances, we may need to inspect the internal health of a tree in order to determine the best possible prognosis. We utilize an extremely powerful and sophisticated electronically controlled device which provides unsurpassed accuracy in measuring the relative density of wood in all types of trees including conifers and boreal hardwoods. Through this exceptional technology, we are able to detect wood decay, stages of rot, hollow areas, cracks and ring structure that cannot be detected by eye alone. This is an ideal method for estimating optimal tree stability and longevity, and will allow us to ultimately proceed with the best course of action toward saving and rejuvenating your sick tree(s).

Cancellation Policy

To call or reschedule, please call us at least 24 hours in advance.

Contact Details

(505) 247-1682

Tree Doctor 911 1925 Aspen Drive, Santa Fe, NM, USA

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