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We are the best in the world at saving trees!

At Tree Doctor 911 we never spray any harmful chemicals into the environment. Many companies recommend spray that kills a variety of beneficial insects, even humming birds and nests full of all birds.We are the only tree business in the USA to be so confident of our success level and in our confidence we offer life tree insurance on most trees we treat.

We thought our tree was dead and the treedoctors brought it back to life. I would highly recommend them to anyone who has lost hope in their tree!

Alisa Rose


Through the years we have built our reputation on coming behind other tree companies that told the client that their trees were unstable and not only saving the trees but bringing the “unstable tree,” back to full health to last for generations to come. The founder of Tree Doctor 911 travels worldwide now saving some of the giant trees of the world with the knowledge and resources we have available. That is how we can say we are “the best in the world at saving trees.” Many thousands of dollars of profit from Tree Doctor 911 are invested in saving some of the giant old growth trees a lot of which are in the rainforest for the generations to come. These old growth trees we call the “Worlds living Masterpieces,” are in economically depressed areas of the world and without our help would die.


We do our best to never spray chemicals into the environment. We are presently researching and doing experiments developing a line of 100 percent organics based fertilizers that will team with our unbeatable disease treatment to make your trees live for many generations to come. Making them “bullet proof,” against parasites and fungi that kill many trees. WE HAVE NEVER IN OUR PREVIOUS HISTORY AND WILL NEVER IN OUR FUTURE SPRAY CHEMICALS INTO THE ATMOSPHERE.

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