Our business began in 1938 in Clovis, New Mexico where Ollie Thomas had a different philosophy about sick trees. He began to develop ways to heal these wonderful trees rather than cutting them down as was the regular procedure for dealing with sick trees. He developed the first inoculation against diseases for fruit trees using natural elements and injecting them into the tree trunk. He would drill a small hole into the tree and put in his prescription, then seal the hole.

It would be years later that the micro injection process would be developed. Others developed further methods that include the slow insertion of chemicals under the bark into the cambium layer. Many of these methods used to heal our trees were developed from the experience and philosophy of saving trees thought of by Mr. Thomas.

We feel we are the best and our customer list reflects that philosophy.
We lose very few sick trees.
We are the only tree business in the USA to be so confident of our success level and in our confidence we offer life tree insurance on most trees we treat.
Never cut down a sick or dying tree. We CAN save them.